The Sekurig Trilogy:

Written and Directed by Matthew Cooper.

Warehouse work

Always carrying heavy things – like ideas and (or) sandbags.

Warehouse Transmedia is owned and run by Matthew Cooper who in a previous life was a BAFTA shortlisted and RTS nominated scriptwriter on EastEnders (BBC), Emmerdale (ITV), Hollyoaks (CH4) and Family Affairs (CH5).

In 2020 Matthew started to make low-fi, down and dirty low-budget horror movies on digital video, and analogue super 8mm film. He used practical effects, mixed with green screen, virtual production and location shot footage. Warehouse Transmedia was set up to help pre-production, post production and the visual effects of the films.

Having all the facilities to shoot, post-produce and edit a feature film quickly, really helped inspire the way we went about shooting

Matthew Cooper