Please allow me to introduce myself – Long live the new media

So, this is the first blogpost on our new Warehouse Transmedia website, crack open the champagne, lots more will follow.

Let’s starts with explaining who we are…

Warehouse Transmedia is a fresh punk start up production company that’s actually been around for years in the head of Matthew Cooper.

So, who is Matthew Cooper?

Matthew is a BAFTA nominated script writer for hire and script consultant with credits all across TV going back to the 90s, but he’s also a low budget digital auteur and has been making little short films and low budget wonders for years.

So, what’s that got to do with the price of a pint?

Warehouse Transmedia is designed to help take these films to the next level, using digital distribution and the affordability of good filmmaking kit, we hope to build a brand and an online presence using low start-up funds and a lot of enthusiasm, and filmmaking verve…

Verve?  Who talks like that?

Our first full feature film as a production company is Markham, and more will follow, in the lowly horror, action and sci-fi genres.

Okay, good I like those genres….

Warehouse Transmedia also has a production centre of sorts, in Matt’s garage. The garage contains a full green screen studio, a practical SFX facility (including stop motion) and a full music mixing suite. Matt also keeps his BMX’s in the garage too, which can be a pain.

I hear, you guys are learning to use Unreal Engine too?

Anyway, we’re having fun in good times and bad, and we hope you’ll like our work, or shut your mouth if you don’t.

Alright then, we’ll keep schtum. Don’t tell ’em your name Pike.

Ya gotta roll with the punches, especially when they’re coming in bunches. Long live the new media.

Amen, to that brother.

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