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Thanks to the Warner Brothers YouTube Channel (who thought such a thing would ever even exist?) we now have the best ‘official’ documentary on our Stan available to view online.

Yes, this is ‘Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures’ a documentary that gives access to nearly everyone of note who worked with Kubrick over the years.

Narrated by Tom Cruise, its well put together and must watch for those fan boys and gals who haven’t seen it.

Warehouse Transmedia is a creative Leeds based film and video production company, which specialises in the realisation of low budget genre films, to be released digitally, and shot using innovative methods both old and new.

Warehouse Transmedia is owned by Matthew Cooper who is a leading  script writer for hire and script consultant. Matthew’s career in film, TV and the digital; sectors spans over 30 years and includes BAFTA and Royal Television Society nominations. You can find some of his broadcast credits on the IMDb.

Warehouse Transmedia is the studio behind the feature film Markham, which was released in 2020 and shot in Leeds and Staithes.

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