Dark Eyes cast on Markham – A review of Markham

Warehouse Transmedia is the production company behind the feature film Markham, which was written and directed by Matthew Cooper.

The experimental horror feature film has been selling well on DVD and on demand on Vimeo and its also beginning to pick up interest from bloggers and critics (spoiler alert – there’s a potentially big review coming soon from one of the foremost critics in the UK – and someone who knows horror films better than anyone). 

This week, the team at Warehouse Transmedia were pleased to see the first official review coming in from prominent horror blogger David Dent across on his website – Dark Eyes of London.

Thankfully, David really got what we were trying to do with Markham and gave us a super smashing review which does the film, and indeed the crazy way we made it a lot of justice.

Quotes for the poster include;

‘…amusing, baffling, often incomprehensible, and inventive as hell…’

‘You can keep your multiplex blockbusters or your costume dramas, this is inventive, nuts guerilla filmmaking…’

The review ends with one word – ‘Brilliant’.

Pop over to Dark Eyes of London and have a read of the full review yourself.   Even better why not stream Markham on Vimeo now or buy the DVD from my director website.  You know it makes sense…

Warehouse Transmedia is a creative Leeds based film and video production company, which specialises in the realisation of low budget genre films, to be released digitally, and shot using innovative methods both old and new.

Warehouse Transmedia is owned by Matthew Cooper who is a leading  script writer for hire and script consultant. Matthew’s career in film, TV and the digital; sectors spans over 30 years and includes BAFTA and Royal Television Society nominations. You can find some of his broadcast credits on the IMDb.

Warehouse Transmedia is the studio behind the feature film Markham, which was released in 2020 and shot in Leeds and Staithes.

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